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Thread: Design me a set - Robotic edition

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    Default Design me a set - Robotic edition

    It's that time where i ask you to design me cool sets where half of the submissions are jokes and doesn't follow the guidelines and Gey phemus#6243 on discord answers with no, part cinq

    Design me a set with a robotic theme, using the template below :
    Name:  e.PNG
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    - Set is female
    - Budget is 8 DLs
    - All types of clothing are allowed, as long as they look robotic and/or has a mechanical feel to it (e.g. Laser Scimitars and Galactic Destroyers are allowed, Gungnir and scythes are not)
    - Transmutation is recommended
    - Your overall set must have these mods :
    > Speedy
    > Double Jump
    > High Jump
    > Slow Fall
    > Long Punch (x2)
    > Long Build
    > Pickaxe
    > Knockback (at least x1)
    - Untradeable items are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

    Prize : Ghost Charm

    Deadline : End of June 25, 23:59 (GT Time)
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