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This is my main world that I turn into a game-type world

You have been chosen by your king! To be one of the contestants in the annual tournament. Inside a huge castle that is called Solve The Riddle, Go in and explore the castle to find items that can be used for the riddles but don't get yourself kill.

✒ Punch jammer not needed, so you'll have cool punch effects.
✒Ghost charm not needed, Ecto lock spawn ghosts to make the Warning light go on.
✒The Castle Robbers that can steal your Adventure Items
✒Xenonite doesn't allow you to double jump but force to high jump
✒Doors linked to LFU1, it has a board of How to play, Clues, and Tips.
✒Castle Theme PVP and DUNGEON
✒Easy Parkour with Howler and Cybots
✒Riddles with password door
✒Game pack