Hello it's me INSZ, I'm back with another world. I hope you like it!


I made this world because i really love Disney cartoon especially Alladin. This world contains a castle (inspired by taj mahal), lamp design (inspired from Alladin movie), story (i change the story just a little bit) password door game (you can find all the clue by reading the guestbook), and adventure item (i'm using adventure item to make it more interesting)

-In this world, you will become Aladeen a young man who has explored various places. One day, you get an order from the Sultan (King) to exchange a golden idol to genie for a pineapple. Your adventure is in the cave of wonders and you have to face various obstacles.

World contains:
-Story and a simple Monologue
-Credit and Special Thanks Board
-1001 Nights Tale (only 3 tales)
-Castle Design
-Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
-2 - bit Anubis pixel art
-Parkour and Maze

Supporting Features:
-Punch and Zombie Jammer
-Ghost Charm
-Weather machine~Arid (i choose this weather because this world theme is desert)
-Xenonite Crystal (if you dont have wing, you still able to play because i set double jump and super speed)
-Royal lock (i set the world silence because there must be some people share the answer)

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Hopefully, you guys love this world. Thank you very much!