Hey! I’m submitting VACATIONQUEST for WOTD! This world is based on the classic design and somewhat layout of older parkour-adventure maps. I’m trying to earn my first WOTD as it has been a tiny dream of mine for awhile. So hoping for the best. The world is also themed around the summer, summerfest, and adventure
IGN: iFreezee
The world is a summer world to theme around summerfest, fun, vacation, and treasure!
Contains some of the new blocks from Startopia 2.0, PZ Jammers, Ghost Charm, Fire house, whacky cloud parkour (with some tricksters), some very tricky and annoying water jumps, which should be fun for most.
A little background story:
You book a vacation in the spirit of Summerfest. You arrive a particularly nice wood house, and find a old looking scroll in the bedroom. The scroll sets you on the adventure of a lifetime!
NOTICE! As some of you may know, Startopia 2.0 blocks aren't showing up on render, and therefore can't be seen on render. Many of the startopia 2.0 blocks are in the cave as Space dirt. You can see it in the listed screenshots below. Also, the Moon Lanterns scattered around in the sky, and a few statues.
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