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Thread: DestructoLaboratory for WOTD?

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    Default DestructoLaboratory for WOTD?

    GrowID: ProsecutorIU
    World: DestructoLaboratory

    Description and Mechanics of the game.
    Dr.Destructo is on a summer vacation with his family. He left the laboratory with his co-workers. While everyone was working, Dr.Dylan suddenly came and stole Destructo's research papers. but there are ten more left in destructo's office. Dr.Destructo's teammates must return Dr.Dylan's stolen goods and return them to the office. The game will last 20 minutes. each with 50 lives. The flag is a research paper. the first team to earn 10 points wins. I placed dimensions blocks between the trees for no shortcuts, to make the game fair. the doors are closed. but you need to knock on each door just in case it opens. Dr.Dylan's staff will find it difficult to find the way to the office but once they find the office they can easily steal and escape. To make the game fair, the red team's respawn area was close to their flag. while the blue team does not. so the blue team also has a hard time getting the red team flag.

    World has:
    -5 cybots working around the world.
    -Xenonite Crystal
    (double jump blocked)
    (high jump blocked)
    (speedy blocked)
    (heat resistance blocked)
    -Beach blasted world
    -Pineapple Guardian
    -Punch Jammer (but its off) for pvp
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Ghost charm and Firehouse (I for got to put this before I render the world)
    -Robotic lock to fit in the cybots.
    -Anti Gravity(off)

    ~World is Enjoyable! visit the world.
    ~Credita to IHV and Dyreo
    Goodluck have fun![ATTACH=CONFIG]242313
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