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    So about a week ago I bought Gscan for 620 cuz i really needed it to sell a world and stopped playing GT for a while. I forgot to resell it after using it. When I came back and tried selling it, dude it's now 575. Should I wait for it to rise again or RIP to my 45 wls. Also I don't really need urgent DLS just really curious as to how the price will go.

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    As all other IOTM, they are limited but the prices are unstable for items like magplant, rayman, and growscan since the demand/supply affect them directly. Also, since they are limited, the supply decreases overtime which increases its price significantly. To sum up, like any other IOTM buying it means a long term investment.
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    Next time, use my Growscan loan service at no risk!

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