Thanks for the tips! I have considered those solutions, but I decided to learn more from the book. Since it mostly gave more of an in-depth description of grammar structures.

I already started learning these languages, I will be applying the same techniques I used to learn my first three Languages. The reason for searching was to measure how much I could communicate through chat in real time. Although there are a lot of tools that used primarily for this, I have chose Growtopia for mainly for its target demographic and abundance of players world wide; I could relate more and perhaps talk about more things to people who are of the same age, than say in apps which were target for older people.

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I’m pretty sure weebs will storm in and “teach” you Japanese while they clearly don’t know anything outside of “baka” etc

tbh I doubt any of us are able to teach you German or Japanese, but I can recommend you to use Duolingo, it offers a simple introduction to learning both languages
It's not that I'm looking for a teacher. Hehehe I'm trying to test how much I have learned of the language by communicating to native speakers.