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Most of those people don't even do much in growtopia let alone understanding how startopia works. They are not going to spend over a hundred hours doing it (+ the learning time) if they can just borrow it to display it. I've made a video myself, no point doing anything further.
Sure, I was more just replying to those acting like, had you not gone for this achievement, nobody else would have, which I don't think is true.

Not necessarily true. I like startopia, so I naturally went for it.
Fair enough, but I again have to question why you didn't wait for confirmation on what the prize was, if being first didn't matter to you.

And inconsistent to other end-game like sorts of content & prizes that you can get.
I personally agree that a title would be cooler.

For an update extension that literally came with a title update, along with a massive amount of requests for a title as startopia and surgery are now two popular, nearly tied in popularity, it was certainly misleading.
Lately when you see oversized IOTMs and items that are obtained through very little efforts, and that instead, you get a near "better" reproduction of the Banished Sword, its certainly a reward that does certainly not match to the effort.

I was expecting both, one of them, or just nothing, either way it's an achievement on its own.

I'll repeat again, but my disappointment is related to the wasted opportunity to add such reward (or something else that matches the consistency), considering this may aswell be the last major update to Startopia. After ships are landed, it's definitive.
I don't think anyone can argue that if this was the right moment to add a good counterpart to Surgery using this one and only long-term grind, they entirely wasted it.

I have nothing against the sword itself (aside from the fact that it is tradeable.)
Fundamentally I don't think we disagree: the sword is... boring. For that reason I see what you mean about wasted potential. At the end of the day, if you enjoyed going after it, I think you'll agree you didn't waste any time at all.

I can't prove it, but I do think you care about being first. And I don't think that's a problem. It is something to be proud of. Just know that you also have to take on some level of risk by wanting that.