With poor connectivity (wifi/signal), here is what happened.

  • Harvesting. You move a specific distance with a Harvester, but no tree is broken. When the connection somehow manages to send some data to your GT server, the trees that you passed through while moving a specific distance are broken instantly all at once. This is good because it means that even with poorer connectivity, the game somehow manages to record our action of breaking trees with Harvester.
  • Planting. You move a specific distance with a Chicken Plow, but no seed is planted. When the connection somehow manages to connect with the GT server, your Growtopian player is pulled back to the original place you started moving a specific distance. This is a, imo, bad experience. Is it possible to make it so that the planting mechanism works the same as the harvesting mechanism in poorer connectivity, i.e. allow the player to move a specific distance and record the seed-planting action using Chicken Plow so that the seeds are planted and the player does not return to his/her original position where he/she started moving?