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    Does anyone remember the RTReader? That is still my favorite thing Seth has done. I made so many useful things with that. If there were a windows version of it I would probably still use it. You could do way more than just BBS doors with it... Ah well...

    It was kinda like LORD II, it was really cool but came out too late in the life of BBS for it to ever get the attention it deserved...

    Greg O'neal

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    I don't remember that. When did it come out? Was it like a script engine for door's or something? I ran a BBS for about 8 years, but in the final years didn't pay much attention to it, or other BBS's.
    LORD was always the most popular game of course. TEOS was cool too.

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    I remeber RTReader, I used to use it.

    I remember Seth writing about playing Golf and wondering "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" in the example script.



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