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Thread: Suggestions

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    Default SummerHoliday Pack!

    SummerHoliday Pack!

    Kidde Pool
    Fan: Pushes you back
    Summer clothes: Tank top, Shorts, Sun hat, Sun glasses, Cold coco water, And more!
    Ice cream, CocoNuts And BBQ's!

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    A Ride Like The Tiny Horsie But Instead Of the horse its a pig with angel wings on its back and it can jump 3 times and glide for as u fall sort of. I think that would be cool and it would cost a little higher than the horsie.
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    Default plz add the weather machune pls seth

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Yeah, I agree, we need a way for players to set backgrounds. Thinking about a "Weather machine" type item.

    Also, I'll add my own suggestion: Maybe have a "Is publicly editable" for locked signs, and have it sign the name of the last person to edit it. Could be useful for something...
    Plz add seth

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    Default halloween week

    I think you should make a halloween week the opposite of valentines week but during halloween it makes it easier to get a new type of wing called the skeleton wing which is not splicable like the angel wings and skeletons randomly pop up in worlds and there's a weapon called dead bow also you can get halloween candy which will make people have x eyes or make them die and to get these things you need to collect skulls that pop up randomly and you can turn it in for those item's

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    You should make a item called a floater which allows you to float on the the water instead of sinking to the bottom and make fish appear in the water and make a speargun or a net to catch the fish

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    Items (on growtopia)


    An elevator-
    Not the moving type. I mean a stationary door that the owner can set to go to 4 different destinations. So when a user punches it, it says LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4..
    There are many things that could be done with this, but in particular it'd be good for interactive adventures, so you could have a sign saying, "you're trapped in a room..." 1: Check the air vent 2: crawl through the fireplace 3: headbutt a hole in the wall 4: sit in the corner and cry.
    And I'm sure there are many other potential uses too.

    Whisper feature-
    Perhaps we could have a new mode of talking.. Where if you are in a world, and you are around a group of friends you can whisper, which basically just makes your voice only be heard within a certain square limit, maybe 10 x 10 ?

    It'd be cool if devs and mods could give awards (only 1 per week maybe?) to deserving people, and it's customisable.. Like a sign..but in the shape of an award or medal, so basically a mod could write on the trophy "CREATIVITY AWARD FOR @SETH" so then the user can place the award in their world and when someone walks past it , it'll display the message, and the message can never be changed.
    It'd also be cool if trophy 3000s eventually got this feature with the winning world name on it.

    Toy sail boat-
    A little toy boat that floats on water that you can control with a remote, and therefore have boat races. (Sort of works similar to how frank is rumoured to work)

    A wonka pack
    If that's trademarked, you could call it WILLY WONKERS pack

    Spiral goggles
    Purple Trench coat
    Walking Cane
    Purple Top hat

    Blueberry gum- makes you swell up in a huge ball which makes your controls slippery for 30 seconds

    Golden ticket event - a golden ticket spawns and the first to find it gets spawned into candy land heaven where they can collect whatever they want for 10 seconds? If that's even possible..of something else.

    Chocolate river - reskin of water
    Lollipop tree
    Chocolate block
    Wafer wallpaper
    Gingerbread door
    GUMBALL machine- punch it to get a piece of gum once a day (like cows)
    Candy cane pillar

    A different means of payment.

    A lot of people don't have access to a credit card to purchase gems, fair enough you can buy an iTunes card, but often it's too late by the time you go to the store days later..
    Today I tried to buy gems about 20 times with my credit card but there is some error with apple so I finally gave up. I wish we had another means of instant purchase..

    Some other online games let you pay with SMS credit.. There is one company called txt2pay and it's a payment service for online currency.. It says the seller gets 60%.. Which isn't much different to apple.. But you could jack the price up a little to make it even if need be..
    I bet tons of people would be more inclined to buy gems with credit.. It's something everyone has pretty much all the time...simple, easy, and instant..

    I don't think apple allows that, but adding it to the PC version would be good, and android as well if its allowed..I really think it'd make gem purchasing more accessible..

    One last random thought - GROWTOPIA 3D - coming to a store near you in 2020! Sounds like a good pitch .. 2d is more than enough for now (and for ever!) but sometime in the very distant future.. Imagine it in 3D .. A sequel!

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    Halloween is coming so this is my idea
    Vampire teeth(mask)
    Bat ears(Consumables for 30min)
    Pumkin head (hat)
    Night time just type /night
    Candy Buckets(Hand held item)
    Witch broom(Like horse)
    Vampire cape(Like Seth cape)
    Skull shirt and pants(suit)
    Jacko Lantern maker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teo Zhong Yi View Post
    i hope you will add this to the game is

    Angel mask which look like a white ninja mask when you wear it you can move faster without air robinsons but it will remove stealth mod

    Angel iron glove when you when it a mask appears on the growtopian face and he he will have a huge suit that is bigger than any growtopian but it will very hard to punch off but it will move slower than a normal growtopian

    Angel shoes allows you to walk in the lava for 10 seconds before taking damage and it will not work for 5 seconds in order to stop people cheat in spleef

    Dark look it turns you into something like ghost and fallen angel it steals 6 gems by punching players it lasts 1 hour<mud glob+the darkness>

    Holy angel wings look like angel wings but have a extra pair of wings it allows you to triple jump but the price is your speed it is decreased you can regain them by using angel mask and air robinsons

    Light look turns you into a hooded figure with a sword and can prevent the dark look taking your gem by punching<white block+ice>

    Angel hood from a hood on your head with a scarf do nothing only to look cool mysterious

    Special is genirator(sorry bad spelling) i spawn a world you want to it to be a terrain for 2000 gems only it will remove everything and place what you want it to be

    and a clear the world will be cleared and stuff for the world will be in your inventory for a extremely high price

    Frozen wings it will make snow and double jump

    a ghost follower and a flying lion

    and alien pack

    Pure alien look like alien except scarier

    Webs slows you down when walk and slowly pulls you down walking

    a Frankstein follower when you punch the block it will break it and when breaker sevral blocks it gives you seeds for it mostly gems

    Potion of evil creates a shadow version of you and it follows you around and anyone punchs you it will turn to a monster and kill the player

    Potion of light it move very fast and creates a force field with wings and allows you to double jump without wings

    1# Growtopia has Angel wings and Golden Halos already. There's even a world for the good peeps to live and the bad peeps to live (AKA HELL)
    2# Dont you think it would be horrible if a noob got his hands on this "Dark"? Shorten it to 5 mins.

    Special thanks to ynot.
    Click spoiler below for a video.

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    Default Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    I think I want to let BenXxxXZero Be a Mod For his Creative Ideas

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    Iron made for making swords: Mod: Cuts through all blocks
    Safe a chest but with a code to put in and it opens
    Sofa /rest makes you sleep

    Games console Plays a mini game
    But you can make your own game simple but it's will cost 1000gems for just the owner
    Pillow allows you to put it on. A chair
    Table vase plant seeds to make new breeds of flowers a and get seeds from dirt!
    That's all for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenXxxXZero View Post
    Please dont make false quotes from Seth. This is like asking to become a moderator, aswell as people will dislike you for it. Also, it is off-topic, and counts as spam.

    How about making Lol also express the lol emote, for us who likes to speak with proper grammar? And maybe make a link to the "How to talk to moderators" thread, or maybe have it in one of the options in /news ?
    Great thanks to CoolDrew for this signature.

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    There should be a Star Dust in store. It acts like a beach ball but turns your world into night.

    With this, should be the addition of Moon Plants, which only grow in the night time environment.

    Star Dust should cost about 10,000 gems or can be spliced using a Crystal Seed and a Stary Wallpaper Seed.
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