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Thread: Nominate Youtube videos for Growies here!

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    Good day to UbiSoft and Growtopians
    I want to Nominate my video for VOTW this video is all about The Best Burrito,this is my First Animation I hope you appreciate my video this is enjoyable for Growtopians.
    Thank you for giving me a time Ubisoft <3
    100% -Made on Android

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    Post the VOTW was not like this one since ages...Check it out!

    Most VOTW winners are just animations these days! the community have probably missed well edited music paradoys!
    Make this win!

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    Lightbulb Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation

    Quote Originally Posted by SOSMED View Post
    I only helped the Growtopia team to rate the best videos this week, and this guy deserves
    I Appreciate your Support bro,

    What would it be like if Growtopian are coming to see who is won the VOTW for this week?
    Well, you can find out by watching "Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation".

    Alright, so I'm nominating my own video for VOTW.
    It's called "Awarding Growie Award - Growtopia Animation"

    The most important thing about this video is the message in this video.
    Because this video comes entirely from my heart and my life experience

    Good Luck to Everyone, hope you guys enjoy

    GrowID : SuperyoW
    Channel : Rio Ihsan

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    Default SPOTLIGHT

    A growtopia parody we've composed. #STOPDONTDROP #STOPSCAMMERS #STOPHACKERS

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    Lightbulb Morty

    A skit showing how Morty went from a carnival elephant to an elephant roaming growtopia. Enjoy
    IGN: TinyTimii
    Thx Beagle for making my Signature

    Check out one of my video below!

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    Default Growtopia.exe MLG

    If if The Video some time borring... just wait) u will get your mood, there much funny moments)
    I Wasted 20 Hour For This Video (3day).
    I'm so happy that i finally done this video, Hope you enjoy!
    Ttrying to get VOTW
    GrowID: NerdyGT

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