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Thread: Nominate Youtube videos for Growies here!

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    Red face Funny animated movie

    It's a animation video about Fiesta's Magic, i worked really hard for it, also there is funny event scenes that will enjoy the viewers and funny ending, Thanks!
    Please watch till end and 60fps if possible.
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    Hey there, I'm Laken and love to making Growtopia edits, animations, i hope my videos would reach more people as possible ;]
    [ID : Laken]
    [Level 55]
    [Designer & Editor]

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    Near the equator of a flat earth. On an Archipelago. The Philippines

    Default Everybody do the Flop!

    Who doesn’t wanna flop?
    IGN: LancePlaysYT
    I am LancePlayZXD! Please take your time to subscribe to my YouTube channel!
    I have won VOTW 2 times!
    Uncompleted Goals:
    1. Reach Level 69
    2. Sponsor an item (probably never lol)

    3. Get Focused Eyes

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    Default Wish me luck guys im still trying to win votw

    I worked hars on this i love making music videos its what i started off doing before i started making animations
    Owner of guild [COOL]

    I love making Growtopia Animations
    New growtopia animation in progress:27%


    Get 10,000 subscribers:381/10,000

    Win 1 growies: 1/1

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    Default Doctor - Growtopia (Animation)

    D - Dearest
    O - One with
    C - Caring and curing via
    T - Treatment
    O - On
    R - Right time

    Hoping to get VOTW cuz i haven't won once

    InGameName: ZFERP
    Watch HERE

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    Exclamation Cringe Jeepney Experience For VOTW!~

    Hello good day to everyone! Since I'm no expert in editing and animating videos, here's a simple video that I made! It's a real life experience of mine that I reenacted into a growtopia video. A cringe experience! I used different voice-overs for 3 different characters. The video is family-friendly and really fun to watch. I've had several positive reviews and feebacks from my friends so I thought it's worth a shot at VOTW! Thank you!

    Thanks for watching and I hope some of you players from the Philippines can relate to this happening

    ps: I really want this growie award because the growtoken and and the views might help me catch up since I just got back in playing the game! :]
    IGN: Tagoo

    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .

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    Default Stone Egg Lover

    Goodluck all.
    Dont aim for growie.
    aim for friends 😍

    IGN: PLDTHomeFIBR of Legend
    Check my YT: PLGT. TV
    I Love "BillBoard" and "Community Hub"

    Visit my Tradeworld: BUYDABSTEP #1 TRADE (3 DAYS)

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    Default Dedective Growtopia Movie

    Dedective Growtopia movie for VOTW entry
    DETECTIVE Growtopia Movie with 4K support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BILLION View Post

    Dedective Growtopia movie for VOTW entry
    unfortunately i have to break this but the hidden rule according to nekorei is that votw submissions must be only 5-6minutes
    This Growtopia film is still god damn relevant

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    Thumbs up If Google Was A Guys (GT)

    Hello, This is Video about, What happened if Google Was A guys
    this video i just make for Fun Hope you enjoy in this my video
    That video are Funny just try to watching and Help me to get my
    first votw
    Thanks you guys..
    Link here.

    i know i'm new i come back play growtopia like 1 month
    already i did quit in 2017-2018 I'm back in 2019

    IGN : YoLiD
    Level : 72
    Old : 14
    Last edited by YoLiD; 06-26-2019 at 09:34 AM. Reason: i forget to put my link and GrowID

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    Hey! Hope my VOTW win Y8[/SUP]s!

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    Default Mom - Growtopia Short Movie

    I Hope you guys enjoyed it!, and i hope i can win the VOTW , thx to mods & all that support this video

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    Thumbs up Consider this one!

    Hello! I just post a growtopia music video "I Know What You Did Last Summer" on YouTube (my channel: josh008 GT). Hope you guys liked it, it's my first growtopia music video! And I hope to get VOTW as well

    Here's the link:
    Last edited by josh008GT; 06-25-2019 at 07:26 AM. Reason: Forgot the link lol

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    Default Gabriel Iglesias Prank Call | Growtopia Funny Animation (Re-nomination)

    I'm re-nominating this animation I made:

    The video is about 2 friends who's other friend keeps messing with them. So they decide to prank call him while in the same hotel but in separate rooms. The friend that is getting prank call gets awfully mad and you have to watch it to understand any better. lol

    This video is 5 minutes and 26 seconds long and has some swearing but all are censored. I spent 30+ hours spread out into 6 days to make this animation. I understand some parts are weird and the animation can get a little wobbly, but I still hope you will consider me considering it took me really long to make. Please consider nominating.

    I also made sure it was as funny as possible to make the people watching would laugh at least once (hopefully you laugh when watching)

    My name on Growtopia is EXCAB just incase I get chosen or you wanna hangout on GT I need friends ;-;

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    Hope I win! Spent 12 hours in total for this Music Video...

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    Default Thru these tears for VOTW

    IGN: Messier32
    Thru these tears-LANY (Music video)

    Hello guys! Since the song is about love or heartbreaks, I planned to change the concept that will make the Growtopia community relate to my video since we felt heartaches, loss after getting scammed. This song will make you more cautious in dropping your items. I dedicated this song to all the victims of DROP games and especially to my friend who almost quit after getting scammed.

    I would like to extend my gratitude to:
    EatingWLS- A guy who played a bigger part to my video and being there for me through my rough times (getting scammed)
    PicaPicaNomi- supporting me and motivating me to finish the video.

    The video I made is 3:27 minutes long, I received positive feedback about this and I'm confident that my video is absolutely worth to win.


    To all growtopian reading this, I hope that you enjoy the music video I made.
    Always remember:
    Winning provides Happiness but Losing provides Knowledge

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    Default Making A Growtopian ! ( Animation ) | Growtopia

    Spent a lot of times and effort on this video
    hope you guys can have a look at it
    Have a nice day !

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    Default I Love Bread, a short animation music video by Truelala

    I Really work hard doing this animation, wish you guys like my video andi hope it can entertain u guys.
    Hope i can win Video Of The Week
    Thank you
    Ign : Truelala

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    Wink Summer Song | Growtopia Animated Music Video

    Summer season has come so here I am re-nominating my old summer video


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    [QUOTE=Hamumu;528205]If you want Seth & Hamumu to consider your youtube video for Video Of The Week (the Growie Awards), just post a reply in this thread with a link to your video.

    We base our decision on many factors, but here are some things to consider:

    * It has to be family-friendly or we can't even consider it.
    * We like funny stuff (it doesn't have to be, just saying we like that!)
    * Original things are the way to go - if you're the 100th person to do a video like yours, we're not going to notice yours
    * If you've already gotten a Growie, you're less likely to get another, especially soon
    * If you have a bad record in game (bans, tapes, etc), we probably won't consider your video.
    * Don't PM us, don't message mods, just post it here. If you PM it to us, we are not going to be happy!
    * Get your video out there in other ways too - twitter, facebook, tell your friends, share it in Growtopia! A video that people are talking about is going to catch our eye
    * You won't win with a video that has no editing. Just filming the game being played is not interesting to us. We made it!
    * Making your video shouldn't ruin the game for other people - "troll videos" aren't going to win, ever. We don't WANT you to ruin the game for other people
    * Audio matters! Even silent films had music playing behind them.
    * We're obviously only looking for videos related to Growtopia... but that doesn't mean it has

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