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Thread: Nominate Youtube videos for Growies here!

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    Default Growtopia Farm Life Animation

    Follow My IG : @oneus_gt & Subscribe My YT : OneUs Games

    GrowID: OneUs
    World : OneUsGt

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    Default Can you see me (growtopia animation)

    I just Want To Share This Short VID
    and it's all about family, This is so Emotional

    "Try to not cry"
    "Dont Lose Hope"
    "Never Give UP"

    "I Hope You Like and Enjoy My Short Animation"
    Thank you and God Blessed All
    IGN: Swirky

    Abt character: The Father of the girl Died since birth
    Of the lil girl
    And She became Loner After the mother of a girl
    Got married by some one and The girl really felt bad,alone,Hurts
    After a couple of years...
    She graduated,
    No matter what her situation is
    She Became a Doctor
    But Unfortunately She died cause of Heart Attack


    I would like to thanks to bear9gt for reposting this animation
    Thank you for your support... I appreaciate your effort and support
    Your dad loves you so much... Don't you worry He's always be with you
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    Red face Cringe Jeepney Experience (Yikes!)

    Hello good day to everyone! Since I'm no expert in editing and animating videos, here's a simple video that I made! It's a real life experience of mine that I reenacted into a growtopia video. A cringe experience! I used different voice-overs for 3 different characters.

    Thanks for watching and I hope some of you players from the Philippines can relate to this happening
    IGN: Tagoo

    I live in the Philippines. Yes, Tagoo is my surname and it means "hide" in ph.

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    Post The Mask ( Growtopia Movie )

    A story about '' Mask '' that represent this growtopian life....

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    Default My video to nominate for VOTW called, Old Town Road

    This is my video for trying to get VOTW.

    In Game Name: BELLEC

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    In Your Heart!

    Thumbs up Early summer nomination!

    ---Video where the boy is singing that he has lost sunglasses!---
    I made a video because I know the summer is going to be hot, enjoy it with pleasure, because it's only once a year!
    The idea of this video was to recall these warm summer feelings!
    When you start to look at my previous animation, you will see great progress in animation!
    As my grandfather once said, the most important thing is motivation and will, and then it comes out what you wanted!
    LoVe You All!

    GrowID: iiGoPro
    Fun FActs about this video:
    *A total of 17 hours was spent on the video!
    *This is my first video that I like very much!
    *If you only knew how much effort I saw with this video xD
    *13 seconds of video was about an average of 4-5 hours of editing
    *At the moment when the animation was finished, I felt like a supper hero!
    *Im 10 years old.

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    in za warudo

    Default Super Pineapple Week Trailer

    This is my first animation. And i don't have any budget to buy full version of the editor, but i try my best to make it looks good.
    Please, consider it. Thank you so much!

    This video is trailer for upcoming Super Pineapple Week.
    IGN: vKaguya Level: 56
    I am from Thailand.
    I like Anime. My favorites are The Rising of the Shield Hero.
    Goals: Have 10k Dirt Seeds [6k/10k]
    Sorry for bad English

    I, vKaguya, have a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimIzPro View Post
    In a game full of toxicity, rule breakers, and destroyers.. I as the director and project head of this film together with my friend Yasinan has able to deliver a powerful message of how Growtopia would look like in fiction form if it was over taken by viruses and by hackers. No developer nor moderator roles were involved in the film because the message that we are trying to deliver is that we Growtopians must also move to revive the game from the dying and we shall not do any abusive action that may harm the game and the community.

    This is an ultimate battle between Growtopians vs A Hacker. We have received ultimate feedback in the past 6 hours, 65 likes and tons of views (oh well, we are a small channel). We Growtopians also have Growtopia in our hands to protect and save.

    This is VOTW worthy, I tell you. This is a never seen film in the Growtopia Youtube World, full of originality, voice acting, creativity, passion and especially effort. This took us 1 year to plan, make, write, record, edit that we focused so much in this film. I hope this video wins a growie award.

    IGN: JimIzPro

    VOTW worthy like those other people that nominated the film said, and oh.. I didn't pay them to nominate the film. It's from their heart and it's what they think.
    and oh, we almost reahced 1000 views in 2 days because of people waiting for it and you can check the video comments for the ultimate feedback!
    The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

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    Default Grow Puff Girls (Growtopia Anination)

    "I Hope You Like and Enjoy My Short Animation"
    Thank you so much
    God Blessed All
    IGN: Swirky

    About the Short vid:
    GrowpuffGirls - Moderators
    Professor -@Ubidev
    -Who creatd the mod/growpuff

    :Bot- Hacker
    :Gorilla -Scammer

    "the reborn of Growpuff girls"

    It shows How growpuff girls protects the World
    By fighting or Banning the casino players, Scammers, Hackers

    To See Following comments
    Pls Visit my Vid/Channel
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