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Thread: Nominate Youtube videos for Growies here!

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    Default Growtopia - Autumn leafs ( Music Video )

    I am willing to nominate this video ! I really like and appreciate this season in growtopia. and the harvestfest is a really fun event in GT!

    Can we win VOTW? #AUTUMN

    Grow ID : tomkooky4

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    Lesser Wizard Pieguy's Avatar
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    Sep 2015

    Default Lawn Mower

    Just another option if you don't see any other vids you like
    Please stop using rainbow text filters


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    Default Leaves

    As Harvest Fest ended


    IGN: ImPaperCut
    Level: 46
    Started Growtopia: July 15, 2014
    YouTube: 3,000+ Subscribers!

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    Default Growie Nomination?!?

    Check out some of my videos! Hope you enjoy!

    Other Videos:

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    Default My Nomination for Votw! :D

    Nothing to say lol, just good luck everyone!

    Growid: Calabro

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    Red face Growtopia | The Hospital [VOTW]

    Growtopia | The Hospital [VOTW]

    I know that many other Youtubers ofcourse will win but atleast i tried my best from my skills.

    Also pls subscribe and like the video

    Follow me on Instagram : Volde_2

    Btw i just started youtube like 1 week ago and thats why i have a little bit of subscribers

    Im dreaming to be big Youtuber , not just for money but for fun and others.

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    Default Growtopia - One Noob (Skit)

    This is just a skit.
    Hope you enjoyed it

    I know that it won't be a VOTW but just for fun

    Sorry for the loud noise...

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    Default VOTW

    Trying to win Growie

    Alan Walker - The Spectre

    Vote for VOTW Please.

    IGN: Really

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    Default My first entry for VOTW!

    This is my first attempt getting VOTW,
    I do realize my skill isn't that good, but I'd like to give myself a try
    Also this video is a tribute to upcoming Children's Day in November 20th
    Hope you guys enjoyed it!
    [FONT=Century Gothic]Just an ordinary female growtopian.
    IGN : Aurie
    Main World : AURIEGT
    Youtube Channel : Aurie GT
    Latest video :

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    Growganoth rises!

    I am nominating my animated short movie „Growganoth rises“ for VOTW!
    The video is about Growganoth, who tries to destroy Growtopia by eating Growtopians and corrupting their worlds. The last hope for Growtopia are the developers Seth and Hamumu, who use their superpowers hoping to safe Growtopia!

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    Default My video

    IGN: Farstart

    This is the video I nominate for votw!

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    Oct 2015
    Behind you

    Default Video Here

    YT channel: Hongnam GT
    I'd love to editing videos.
    -----My IGN: Hongnam-----
    -----My world: WLCASH-----
    Guild: Gangstar

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    Default ZAYN - DUst Till Dawn ( By Conor Maynard ) Music Video ::)))

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    Default The ting goes skrrraaa

    I had to make a video about this trend!
    IGN: HowDoIPlayGT
    Goals Before I Quit!

    100,000 ATMS (0/100,000 owned)
    1,000,000,000 gems (370,523/1,000,000,000 owned)
    Richest player (230 dls/18,000 dls)

    IGN: HowDoIPlayGT

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    Default nominating VOTW

    Hi.. I'm nominating my music video (animation) into Votw

    Ign: PeterW


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    This is a re-upload of my video I already nominated, (ANIMATION)
    the reason til why I re-uploaded the video was cause of minor changes in the video
    Well here is the final product sorry for the inconvenience.

    The video on youtube:

    In game name: BAKUHD

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    Getting a coffee

    Lightbulb What To Do If You Get Scammed In Growtopia!

    Video Title: What To Do If You Get Scammed In Growtopia!
    Video Link:

    The video is family friendly, edited, audio engineered, shared on my own social media accounts with around 20k followers (Twitter, Insta) and my youtube channel has close to 100k subs.

    The video is a story about my friend Chaye, how she was scammed almost all her in-game wealth by a trusted friend and how she overcame it. It's a positive message for the Growtopia community and it's an epic story.

    Please keep this in your considerations for VOTW. Thank you for your time.

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    Default Mission impossible Animation

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    Default Nomination for VOTW

    Nomination for votw!

    Video on youtube:

    In Game Name: BAKUHD

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    Post My Nomination for VOTW :)

    Music Video : Song : The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This

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