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Thread: Gem Drop Bug

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    Default Gem Drop Bug

    When I start breaking my purple blocks, sometimes gems don't get added to the total. For example, when I break two of them and one drops 2 gems and the other drops 3, when I run over them, the counter only adds two. It seems to happen when on group of gems fly to the counter a little bit behind the other group.

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    Take it slowly, try to force this to happen, and add yourself. It looks like it doesn't add some of them, but it does. The counter adds a number of them instantly in this situation, which can make it look like it's not counting them all.

    Let's say you pick up five gems in a short, but strange timespan, 2 or 3 of them may get added to the counter instantly so you only see the others counted up at a "normal" pace. They all get added, though. I just spent awhile picking up gems at different paces to check this out.

    I'm pretty sure the animation is just a client side thing to make it more interesting, the actual math is being done server side. And the server doesn't have to wait for gems to fly across the screen to add them =p

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