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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimster73 View Post
    Ahh, THEMONARCHY takes me back to Old School Growtopia. A simpler time where many friends were made, and lessons were learned. Though the world has changed hands now, I used to be an admin here long ago, and I'm proud to see the castle still standing in her glory.

    Well done, realm of THEMONARCHY!
    HAve you checked out Horse yet,it is amazing as well.

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    One day, the creation of Last Watch Island occured.. It was created by the Criliote Crystal. The most POWERFUL weapon on Earth. IT was hidden away by the darkest of spirits alive, and guarded by a dark spirit... Centuries later, Humans discovered this island, these were scientists. They were recording what was happenin here.. the supernatural is TRUE! The island is real if you believe in the supernatural but is fraud when not... the scientists disappeared.. 1 by 1... Later on, people WANTED to understand, why this island existed, WHY did it suddenly appear!? So the Last Watch Holders were created... Herox, Crixy, Captain Agron, Droses & Mook.. but the shadows took them.. so another lot were set out! YOU, May, Groak, Digger & Drake. YOUR mission is to discover the MYSTERIES of this island... TOGETHER!

    The dark spirits arise again!

    This world includes...

    • Parkour... NOOB FRIENDLY!
    • World orignally made by BrayBrick225 & Techy!
    • Unique world, rare name!
    • Includes password doors, adventure gates and you need a smart brain!
    • An amazing story made by Techy!
    • Amazing structure and design by BrayBrick225!
    • An awesome mystery world, discover the mysteries of Last Watch Island!
    • Letters and notes on Bulletin Boards for the story to become reality!

    World render: (
    Attachment 64082

    Hopefully, this will be my 10th WOTD, thanks everyone!
    32 WOTDs

    Discord Tag: xdpical#7777

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    Default LEGENDARYCHRISTMAS by iGeraldo

    -Original Storyline (No Spoils)
    - Original Song: Dearly Beloved
    - Z and P Jammed
    - Snowy Weather Machine

    Hope It Will be My 2nd WOTD Thanks And Enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pentonix View Post
    Hey Seth today I'd like to introduce my world KARATEJUMPER!
    World has unique colour coded parkour like all my other parkours! (I guess that makes it not unique LOL)
    World is about Karate! It is like karate belts and it gets harder every time until u reach master black belt! World has many funny chuck norris jokes and includes:
    Colour Coded Parkour with different obstacles
    Music (Styx likes it) l
    Pixel Art by me
    Lots of deco

    Attachment 64233

    Hey seth not many pure parkorus have gotten wotd recently so maybe this one
    Hey seth styx likes music so u dont have to disablel it like last time
    Would appreciate if won WOTD

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    Default SCHOOLWEEK by xAzureHKF and Alkan! (WOTD)

    There isn't been any school this month for WOTD! :/

    Maybe First School of the Year?

    So I proudly present to you guys, SCHOOLWEEK!

    Here's the world render picture,
    Name:  schoolweek.png
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Size:  354.3 KB
    World Features
    1. Punch / Zombie Jammed (No Punchers and Zombies)
    2. Small Parkour and Quiz Room! (Information about world and owners!)
    3. Snow Weather Machine!
    4. Usage of Adventure Items! (Key and Banana)
    5. School Bus Pixel Art!
    6. There are 8 Classrooms! (4 of the Teachers are Seth, Hamumu, Jenuine and Aimster, Teachers of Discipline and Growtopia!)
    7. Roof Park, Small Swimming Pool, GrowCafeteria and Toilets!
    8. Took me lots of time and effort to build it!

    I hope you guys enjoy this world!
    Have a great day ahead! ~ xAzureHKF

    I don't mind making this WOTD till 5-7pm tmr, I just want WOTD this world. Hope I get it! Thanks Sethmumu!
    Please fulfil my 5th WOTD! Thank you!
    IGN: Edmush
    Level: 91
    WOTDs: 28
    Growtopia since October 2013
    Forums since September 2014

    Sponsored Item:
    The Gungnir (Yes, xAzureHKF is me.)

    #AIRANCIENTS Guild Master

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    Default For my 3rd WOTD?

    One day, a boy lost his candy and he cried all day.
    But, suddenly you come and you try to ask what happen.
    Then, the boy try to tell the story and ask for your help to bring him to a candy shop.
    You and that boy must go through some candy maze, a candy bridge, empty village and others.
    But finally you and that boy found the candy shop and he is happy for that day :]

    • A big candy pixels with parkour inside
    • Candy Bridge using candy platform
    • Christmas Tree pixels
    • P and Z jammer so no zombie and puncher will disturb you
    • Candy Shop with parkour inside it
    • We wish you a merry christmas song
    • I useed 600-700 candy block here
    • Ofcourse Smowy Machine

    It is not full of parkour
    Up there, less spike placed there so you can relax sometimes

    For WOTD???

    2.) Hero Castles
    This world represent the super hero pack. The story is:
    You are a student that always bullied at school. But one day, one old super hero visit your home.He ask you to go to his castle if you want become strong.Then the next day you go to his castle and you must do some quest.The quest are: You must finished the 4 quest that the 4 hero give.If you did then you will become superhero and got a super skill.
    So, what are you waiting for? Go finish the quest

    This world contain 4 different castle with hero inside of it
    There is 20 level in this world
    Want to be a hero? Win through all castle and beat the hero :]

    Every castle have manequin with Superhero Set each of them [NEW UPDATE]
    No zombie and punchers will disturb you

    In Here, you can training with your friends
    Parkour is located on the left side of the world
    You can train Parkour here with your friends by beating 20 level
    ~ Level 1-5 is a Easy Level
    ~ Level 6-10 is a Medium Level
    ~ Level 11-15 is a Quite hard Level
    ~ Level 16-20 is the HardLevel
    You also can train your race skill by beating your friend score in this world
    Race part is located on right side of the world
    ~Z and P jammer
    ~Warp Speed Machine
    ~Used more than 2000 gold block
    ~Icicles , death spike and lava used for parkour

    IM Hoping for my 3rd WOTD
    Subscribe my youtube Channel: ElectroGuy Gt

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    Default Nominate SCHOOLAGAIN By Lolco(Me)

    Hi! Its me lolco! And im Gonna nominate (again) my School World Named SCHOOLAGAIN. Its a nice world for studies and Hanging Outs!

    - Punch and Zombie Jammed
    - Has Lots Of facilities And Fun Places To hang out! (Ex: Dormatories, auditorium, Greenhouse, Games Center, and many More!!
    - Has Different layout from Any Other school You've ever Seen!
    - Song Is Count on Me by Bruno Mars (We Didnt follow SCHOOLHIGH Song! We just happen to have the same one!
    - Designed For Fun and Social Activities for People to stay longer and not to be easily Bored!

    And Here Is The Render Picture Of SCHOOLAGAIN! Hope You Check It Out And Hope It wins Wotd! Pls give feedbacks And Comments As it worth alot to me!
    Hah! LOL, That Is What I Like To Do
    LOLLING, No Trolling, Only Lolling

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    Default I want WOTD plis

    One day you got kidnapped by a strange car
    Then the car throwed you away from into a strange road
    The road is so haunted, spike everywhere and bat everywhrte
    Then yougo straight the road through Orchid road
    Then you go into daisy road, you found an old house there
    When you came into the house,youjust realise it is a haunted house
    So many trap inside of the house
    Death spike every where and secret pasage everywhere
    But i have passed the house, now you fell down into underground level
    There youmust go straight. Then you found a road that froze, but must beat that
    Then you go straight beat up the spike and finally you found a door!!!!
    Then you enter and suddenly you are at the sky.
    You should jump from a cloud into another cloud
    But suddenly a ghost appear
    He try to disturb you and put spikr everywhere at the sky!!
    At the end i can go back to my house!

    Come to my World HauntedRoad
    Im hoping for this world won WOTD
    I had fill the empty space of the world
    But i cant render anymore
    I judt render it this afternoon

    This is the render:
    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  470.4 KB
    Im MockingGuy on Growtopia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretty View Post
    Hop in to HELLTRAIN!

    Experience an adventure world roughly based on the novel, Mark of Athena!
    Its storyline features the players as the children of Athena (or Minerva if you prefer Romans) that is on a quest to retrieve the Athena Parthenos. It is your Fate, demigod, to unite Greeks and Romans; to bring back peace in Mt. Olympus. But hey, she won't make it easy for you. And this time, no Gods or Goddesses can be your aide.

    Will you survive?

    World features:
    - A storyline of how a demigod prevents a war to happen and saves the Gods and Goddesses struggling with their Roman and Greek counterparts. Well, that is if you survive.
    - Greek myth trivias.
    - All jammers but signal.
    - Possible parkour. May make you rage sometimes. Well, it's a hell train. Making quests easy for demigods is not part of its plan.
    - Unusual train setting. I could've make it a castle, a cave, a mountain. But settling for a train is the most unique idea I came up for it.
    Updated render:

    Changed black to grey. In hopes of helping lost demigods to find their way out.

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    I nominate my world CHEEZEFACTORY!

    A thousand years ago,There was the Golden Cheeze recipe that lies on top of the factory.Rumors said that the recipe is a mysterious secret and everyone was really curious about it. People started trying to make their way through the dangerous spikes and lavas in the factory. But no one has ever succeeded. But...can you do it?

    Since it is a Cheeze Factory,of course there are cheeze facts! in fact, you have to find them to complete a password door game and it leads to you a VIP room-on a cloud! (Or you could just think of the answers yourself.)
    There are also clouds all over they sky,you can jump from one cloud to another! Something simple but fun is waiting for you at the end.

    -P and Z Jammed.
    -100% Newbie Friendly.
    -3 Activites that everyone can do.
    -A secret that is connected through out the world.
    -Everyone can..have fun!

    Name:  cheezefactory.png
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    Follow me on instagram:@CheezyFrenzy_gt

    Follow me on twitter:@CheezyFrenzy_GT

    Subscribe to my youtube channel:CheezyFrenzy GT


    VelvetShidae <3

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    SLIMESPILL by ElectroDream.

    After months making it, (i started making after halloween .-.) i'm finally done with my newest world, SLIMESPILL!

    Bored with normal parkours? The one with similar jumps from beginning until the end?
    Well, don't worry! I present you, SLIMESPILL, a story-slime-adventure parkour world!

    Story: it's 100 years from now, right at the future. The portal was already invented, and everything changed so much. You were someone who works on a slime factory, as slime is on demand now. When you were working, you heard a weird sound upstairs (3rd floor of your factory). Your friend asked you to check, so you went ahead. When you went upstairs... THE SLIME HAS SPILLED! Then you panicly went into a portal, wihout knowing where does it lead you. Then you got into a unknown place full of slimes...

    Will you survive? Will you ever find your way home? Is there aliens? Check it out in SLIMESPILL!

    1. Z and p jammer (no disturbs!)
    2. Warp speed weather machine, because it's the future.
    3. quests and sidequests!! (there's 2 quests you have to complete, and a sidequest (optional), first, you have to get your worker's ID, then get the key for the cultist, and the last one is for the man after the arena, get a torch for him so he can live).
    4. Slimes (1k+)
    5. Not bored when you finish the parkour, you can PvP in the local arena or help the man!
    6. Song (Stereo Madness - Geometry Dash)
    7. World made with lots of effort, in fact, this is the world which took the longest i've built so far!

    Update: I changed the cave backgrounds into glasspanes it looks better now.


    Goodluck for everyone is aiming for wotd! And leave a comment/critic if there's something wrong/bad about this world! Ty!


    IGN: electrodream
    Discord: Dreamy#2149
    IG: @electrodreamy
    WOTD count: 23
    Forumers' VIP pass: StarboardFTW.

    To clarify, I'm not an Australian citizen but I'm an Indonesian studying abroad.

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    You are playing as Tom. 12 Years old kid. At the Christmas morning you went outside to build a Snowman. You saw a house looking like a Christmas House!
    You saw a sign which says : Free presents! Don't be late! Doors won't be opened for ever!

    *About COLDGROW:

    In this Adventure map you will search for your gifts, but you will need to beat Parkour, Labyrinth and a Christmas Tree!


    Attachment 64134

    Frozen objects:
    Attachment 64135

    Christmas Tree:
    Attachment 64136

    Labyrinth 1 & 2

    Attachment 64137 Attachment 64137


    Attachment 64138

    Present Winners Room:

    Attachment 64139

    And alot more!

    World Reinder:

    Attachment 64140

    See you there
    IGN: Trintukas
    Level: 125
    Begging for Worldlocks since 2013

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    It's Winter and we're back!

    Welcome to the (literally) Coolest castle in growtopia!

    • Some unique mannequins with hilarious characteristics
    • P/Z Jammers for convenience
    • Cool Prizes
    • Awesome Scenery
    • A frozen castle and a huge mountain!
    • A short parkour! (Short but not easy :3)
    • A frozen village under the mountain
    • A remake of 'Let It Go' which fits the "Castle theme"
    • And even more!


    • Growtopian since Jan. 28, 2013
    • Composer in GT
    • Made songs in 15+ WOTDs
    • Some of my new songs can be found at GSTUDIO

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    Default Disney Square!!


    Hi Seth and Hamumu, Looks like we need some entertainment
    for Disney lovers in growtopia and I am sure this world would
    be Awesome if it was WOTD, I would really appriciate it!!

    Miss your favourite Disney Characters? Bored of watching them in just movies? Come to DISNEYSQUARE and visit your favourite disney characters!! You get to choose various paths..choose wisely...
    Will you get the VIP disney fans' Vip password?
    About World: Its based on your favourite disney characters!!
    [Includes FROZEN!! xD]

    Sneak Peaks:
    Meet your characters!
    Attachment 64070
    Choose your path!
    Attachment 64071
    Attachment 64072
    Get to read the story behind this world...
    Attachment 64074
    Also wanna have FUN?
    Attachment 64073
    Afraid of ZOMBIES and PUNCHES?
    Attachment 64075
    Come to find out more!!

    Here's the picture you have been waiting for!!

    Attachment 64076
    Cya Guys!!

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    Default A Good Word World(Christmas Theme)

    I recommend. That the world CandyHunting made by Electrify is a awesome world and it's a guarantee word worthy world place take a look at it Mr.Seth

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    Default Hi Seth And Hamumu! me and my friend (Hugo588 and Darklight77) created a world

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    If you want Seth and Hamumu to add your world to the "Possible World of The Day List", just reply to this thread with the world name.

    We manually give WOTD so it's more than just achieving high rankings in /top.

    We base our decision on many factors, but roughly in this order:

    • Theme/originality (do NOT copy music!)
    • How FUN it is for a player (if it's just music or pixel art with nothing to do, that probably won't win anymore)
    • Good rankings/popularity help, as I look at all the ones in /top
    • If the owner is currently on (that way he/she can ban annoying people as it gets very crowded) - or at least has played recently
    • If the person has already won WOTD recently I'm less likely to give it (it can happen though..)
    • If half the world is undeveloped (like dirt or whatever) I'm less likely to give it
    • Worlds with controversial or possibly offensive subject matter won't win
    • Campaigning with broadcasts/forum posts does help, because it shows you're active in the game and your world is ready to be looked at. So if you have a old world that didn't get WOTD and deserves it, feel free to post about it again in the forums for a second look, it shows you'll be around to admin it if you win.
    • Slightly less likely to give it to mods as that looks sort of.. well, you know
    • Players who are currently taped/banned are not eligible to win

    What do you get when you win WOTD?

    • An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    • "WOTD winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    • You're added to the WOTD winner list in /top
    • RESPECT!

    Are choices aren't perfect and we do screw up... but we do our best!

    NOTE: Worlds that use tricks to get more Growtokens (like autoruns in a different world, or mazes in a different world before you can enter) probably won't win WOTD. If it's added right after winning, the award may be removed.
    Also, please don't private message/email us directly to look at your world. The best way to be noticed is to post in this thread and/or make a new thread about your world in this sub forum.

    NOTE: Please don't post your world to this thread more than once in three days

    NOTE: Please don't "nominate" posted worlds using alt accounts. "Nominations" don't actually help anything anyway, each world wins by its own merit

    NOTE: Don't block your world so people can't get in, it can't be wotd in that case. Worlds that have any shady practices in them won't win either. (Autoruns, selling other worlds that were name-squatted, etc)
    HI AS U READ FROM THE TITLE i have created a world with my friend and its called PVPVOLCANOO and it has a story/parkour (kind of) and person vs person! Id love id u chcked it out and maybe awarded me a WOTD...

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    Question Unexploredplanet For WOTD?


    I would like to nominate my world Unexploredplanet for world of the day. The world is an adventure/Parkour world with a space/Alien theme. The world has dialog and it exciting. The players must find the golden idol to be able to return home. The palyers must adenture deep into the planets ground to locate this golden idol that is guarded by aliens.

    Name:  unexploredplanet2.png
Views: 110
Size:  287.1 KB

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    I haven't seen a game world get a WOTD in a long time.
    I think it's time to have one!

    I nominate FIGHT for World Of The Day! This world contains 4 pixel art for each team also, they have elements. This world has nothing like others. Visit FIGHT!

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    Default "BEE" By DropsteR

    Adventure through the bee's nest slowly and tiptoeing around the queen bee, but be careful, the queen bee set up traps and challengers for you. It would be a bad idea accidentally waking her up!
    The parkour is available for any Growtopians, the one with wings, jetpack and nothing but a backpack. New players friendly! If you are someone wishing to take on a challenge, come on here! The queen sits at the end to award you with a mysterious prize!

    This all happens in-


    A Parkour/Trade world by DropsteR and Letrate.
    This world includes a BEE pixel art surrounded by honey combs and beehives!
    Slim represents honey!
    This parkour world includes a brand new HALL OF FAME REMIX using a common song but changing it.
    The world is Zombie and Punch Jammed!

    Special thanks to PikaPi, Lunadiamond for all the support!

    Here's a renderworld

    Last edited by (Dropster); 01-24-2015 at 08:05 AM.
    Hai There~
    I'm Dropster
    Check out my YouTube channel

    Growtopia anime artist
    Check my Instagram

    1. Upset
    2. SwEeTmAs
    3. Lastsecond
    4. Gotrickortreat
    5. SacredFire
    6. HiddenMemories
    7. Bee
    8. TheCupidsBow

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Dropster) View Post
    Adventure through the bee's nest slowly and tiptoeing around the queen bee, but be careful, the queen bee set up traps and challengers for you. It would be a bad idea accidentally waking her up!
    The parkour is available for any Growtopians, the one with wings, jetpack and nothing but a backpack. New players friendly! If you are someone wishing to take on a challenge, come on here! The queen sits at the end to award you with a mysterious prize!

    This all happens in-


    A Parkour/Trade world by DropsteR and Letrate.
    This world includes a BEE pixel art surrounded by honey combs and beehives!
    Slim represents honey!
    This parkour world includes a brand new HALL OF FAME REMIX using a common song but changing it.
    The world is Zombie and Punch Jammed!

    Special thanks to PikaPi, Lunadiamond for all the support!

    Here's a renderworld
    Wow! Looks great!

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